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Kids at the gym about to work out.

FITNESS 4 FUN is an exciting new card game for anyone who is interested in having fun while getting fit at the same time. Finally, a card game has been created that can offer fitness and fun all in one. Enjoy!!!  


Fitness 4 Fun has taken the fitness world by surprise by adding fun to exercising. The game was designed to take the individual away from the table top play (TV, video games, and computers) and provide them with a more active playing experience. Never before have there been a card game for the entire family that promotes physical fitness and fun all rolled up in one. 

Keith Ross, President of Global Tribrush LLC invented Fitness 4 Fun Card Game. Mr. Ross came up with the idea for Fitness 4 Fun while watching a news segment on childhood obesity. It was stated that outside activities and games have been replaced by Video games, Cable TV. and Computers.

Children’s diets now consist of fast food and snacks. Fitness 4 Fun was designed to bring fun and fitness back into the lives of our children at the expense of a value meal.


We believe that exercising can be fun and beneficial to the growth and development of our children.


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